Your coach profile displays the following sections…

  • Background & Experience
  • Philosophy (what do you believe about your coaching)
  • Categories
  • Languages

Here are some guidelines to optimise your profile so that it sends the right message to your target market.

There are three main questions that go through a person’s mind when choosing a coach…

1. Does this coach understand my challenges?
2. Do they specialize in this are?
3. Do I feel that they can help me?

Step 1: Who do you want to serve?

The first step in developing a clear message in your profile, is to decide who you want to serve. You may have a preference to certain types of clients. You may feel called to serve these people because of the parallels to your own personal experiences in life or passions. Who are the clients you most enjoy coaching? Is there a common thread?

The biggest mistake you can make is to think that the more open or general your offering is, the more potential clients you will get. This is simply not true! The more specific you are about who you want to serve, the more powerfully your message will “speak” to those people. Once you have clarified who you want to serve, you will better understand what problems they face, where they struggle and how you can help them.

Step 2: What challenges do they face?

Once you know clearly who you want to serve, think deeply about some of the most important challenges, struggles or problems that they tend to face.
If you are not sure, then ask them. By asking your “target clients” they will also help you to language these problems in “real world” language, rather than “coach speak”.

Step 3: Profile Picture & Headline

If you don’t have a profile picture, members will assume your profile is inactive.

  • Make sure your face is easily visible
  • Use soft light to avoid high contrast between highlights and shadows
  • Use contrasting colours to add impact
  • Keep the background simple
  • Smile

The biggest mistake most coaches make is the lack of specificity in their headline. Your headline must clearly capture your niche’. If they don’t know what your niche’ is, they won’t know how you can help them. If you can’t state your coaching proposition in your headline, then perhaps you are not clear on it yourself.
Ask yourself, if a member was explaining my coaching to another person, what would they say? And how could they capture it in one line?

When members search for a coach, the very first thing that they will see in the search results, will be your profile picture, name and headline. Make sure you put in the effort to take a professional and impactful profile picture.
Your headline should capture your niche’ very clearly. So take time playing around with the wording. Ask others to give input and feedback as to how explanatory it is.

The simple truth is that if your profile picture has impact and looks professional, and your headline clearly communicates your
niche’, you will have a far higher chance of your target clients clicking through to your profile. If not, you will likely be overlooked.

Step 4: Background & Experience

If you have done a good job with your profile picture and headline, then, chances are your target client has clicked through to your profile. Your profile must expand on your headline while remaining consistent with it. If your profile lacks consistency with your headline, is vague and unclear or is hard to relate to, it will not have the desired impact.

Remember, the goal is not to be all things to all people, but to understand who you are here to serve, and then serve them well.

Section One
Here you should explain who you serve and exactly how you can help them. Your coaching must address the relevant problems these people face. State the problem and explain how you can help them. Use real world language rather than “coach speak”, so that members can relate.

Section Two
Here you want to briefly tell members about the qualifications and experience that you have that validate why you can help them. Remember, this is not
about you and your achievements, members are not interested in a long list of credentials. All they want to know is, “Am I in safe hands, and does this person have the expertise to help me”. List only relevant credentials.

Step 4: Philosophy

If the Background & Experience sections speak to the head, then this part speaks to the heart. Here you want to share some of your deeply held believes about your coaching or life in general, but keep these relevant. This is important because you want to attract members who resonate with you.

“The goal is not to do business with people who need what you have, but people who believe what you believe .” ~ Simon Sinek

And by this he doesn’t mean rigid or unresourceful beliefs, but rather that they have similar philosophies.

Step 6: Promo Video

You also have the option of uploading a short promo video. We highly recommend you do this, because it gives members a much better idea of your energy and what you are like. This video does not need to be professionally produced. The most important thing is to make it authentic. Here are some tips on creating your promo video.

Aim to have your promo video no longer than 60-90 seconds. Break your promo video in to three segments. Then speak with passion and energy and get to the point quickly.

Segment 1: Tell them what real world problems and challenges can you help people solve.

For example: “If you struggle with….”

Segment 2: Tell them how and why you are qualified to help them.

Here you want to briefly talk about your relevant experience, skills, knowledge and or qualifications.

Segment 3: Tell them what you are passionate about and what you believe about your coaching.