View the posts as another form of coaching.

  • Always use text on your post, even if it’s one line.
  • Be sure to lay out the text of your post clearly, with paragraph breaks and punctuation so it’s easy to read.
  • Be focused in your messaging – giving readers something of value that encourages them to follow and engage with you.
  • Calls to action (CTA) are great ways to encourage comments.
  • Keep it simple, engaging and related to the coaching you do.

Here are some Do’s and Dont’s…

Teach members somethingPost quote of the day
Share useful tools, methods or strategiesFacebook type “status updates”
Share personal and or success storiesPost Negativity
Give members a new perspective on somethingAbusive or Offensive Content
Challenging questions that stimulate thoughtEnforce your beliefs
Positive posts that help members grow and learnPersonal or Confidential Client Information
How to posts…Very “salesy” promotional content

If you are going to brand your images and videos, do it very subtly, these days people don’t want “advertising” shoved in their face. They want value and when you add value, they will remember you regardless of your branding. Too much branding can actually be a negative. Rather focus on using a punchy image in your posts, something that has impact and grabs attention. Often coaches are so stuck on branding their images that they lose focus on whether the image actually has impact or not..

Here are some ideas on what you can post…

Posts that help to overcome a challenge or solve a problem

Think about your coaching niche’ and your niche’ clients, what are some of the problems or challenges they struggle with on a daily basis? What are some of the things they want to achieve or improve?

Write a list of the main problems, challenges and or goals that your niche’ clients face or want to achieve. Each of these points could become a series of posts for you. For example…If your clients are struggling to stay motivated, you could post a series of posts to inspire them to stay motivated. Or if your clients want to improve their communication, you could share some posts on the do’s and don’ts of good communication.

Share a story in your posts

Share something personal that you’ve learned or experienced which your niche’ clients might benefit from hearing. And don’t be afraid of sharing personal shortcomings and the lessons you learnt from them, this can be a fantastic way to show your humanness and authentically connect with your niche’ clients. It also gives them permission to own their own shortcomings and realise that it is okay to make mistakes, provided you learn something from them. Avoid trying to portray the perception that you always get it right, as this can actually be very demotivating.

Posts that share quick tips

What’s one thing you can share to keep your niche’ client working toward their goals or overcoming their challenges? Or, something you’ve added to your life that would work for them too? A habit you’ve stopped or developed that has helped improve some aspect of your life? You could share a great book you have just read, or a tip from a talk or course you attended.

Behind the scenes

If you have a lot of Followers who love your work, show off your messy (clean??) desk, your mid-day break, your work routine. Share what you’ve got coming up or a sneak peek at some interesting plans in your coaching business. Letting followers see a little more of your world than what’s on your website or profile will help build trust and connection.

Share a success story

Whether it’s your own or the success of your clients, remind your Followers that what they want to do is possible by celebrating accomplishments. It will not only give current and potential clients a boost in confidence, but help create a community around your coaching business by letting clients relish in each others’ wins. Success breads success.

Write a short article

If you want to share some valuable insight or tool in a bit more depth, then write an article in your post, but try to keep it to one page, and include a nice punchy and impactful image that catches the eye.